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14 L | 3.70 US gal
MAKES 23 L | 6 US gal


Looking for the highest quality wine to satisfy the most discerning tastes? Winexpert Private ReserveTM truly delivers. This outstanding series features the finest varietal juices from the world’s best growing regions – like Piedmont and Stag’s Leap District. Experience the highest level of craftsmanship and satisfaction that comes with creating the most exceptional wines from around the world. From a robust red made with crushed grape skins to a bright and crisp white, Winexpert Private ReserveTM never disappoints. From this box to your bottle in just 6-8 weeks.

Amarone Style, Veneto, Italy – with grape skins – Rich aromas of dark fruit and spice with layers of cherry, plum, mocha, dried fruit flavours, warm oak and a firm, lingering finish.
Bordeaux Style, Languedoc, France – with grape skins – Plum, black currant, and red berries with warm spice character, subtle cedar and chocolate. Smooth and silky from start to finish.
Cabernet Sauvignon, Lodi Ranch 11, California – with grape skins – Black currant and dark cherry flavours enhanced with notes of baking spice and toasted oak. Big in flavour and structure with well-integrated tannins.
Chardonnay, Sonoma Dry Creek Valley, California – Gentle citrus aromas and generous tropical fruit flavours accented with a subtle touch of oak. Rich mouthfeel with vanilla undertones.
Merlot, Stag’s Leap District, California – with grape skins – Juicy plum and raspberry combine with savoury spice, smooth tannins, and oak for a lush, polished texture.
Nebbiolo, Piedmont, Italy – with grape skins – Earthy and floral notes add depth to the cherry and red fruit character of this intense red. Firm tannins with solid structure and a big personality.
Pinot Gris, Yakima Valley, Washington – Bright and fresh palate of green apple, melon, and lemon zest. Fruit-forward with crisp acidity.
Pinot Noir, Marlborough, New Zealand – Black cherry and raspberry with herbs, dark spice, and earthy notes. Silky texture and balanced acidity make this very food-friendly.
Sauvignon Blanc, Marlborough, New Zealand – Inviting passionfruit, cut grass, and grapefruit aromas carry through to the palate of this crisp wine with juicy fruit intensity and bright acidity.
Super Tuscan, Tuscany, Italy – with grape skins – Loaded with ripe red cherry, blackberry, and juicy plum, complemented with vanilla and spice notes. Rich and smooth with velvety tannins.
Zinfandel, Lodi Old Vines, California – with grape skins – Crushed berry and smoky aromas, full of dark berry flavours, nuanced oak and spice. Rich, fruity and bold with a lingering finish.




10 L | 2.64 US gal
MAKES 23 L | 6 US gal
Bottle labels sold separately


Looking for a premium wine with exceptional body, flavour and aroma? Winexpert ReserveTM the world’s most sought after grape growing countries. Join the celebration and experience the satisfaction of crafting outstanding premium wines with wow factor – from a supple, buttery Chardonnay to a confident, full bodied Cabernet Sauvignon – the world is at your doorstep. From this box to your bottle in just 6 weeks.

Amarone Style, Italy – Black fig, black cherry and chocolate
Cabernet Merlot, California – Ripe cherry, plum, chocolate and supple tannin
Cabernet Sauvignon, Australia – Black Plum, white pepper, toasted cedar and powerful tannins
Cabernet Shiraz, Australia – Blackberry, dark chocolate, licorice and smoke
Carmenère, Chile – Raspberry, plum and vanilla
Chardonnay, Australia – Ripe pineapple, mango and vanilla with creamy texture
Enigma, California – Smooth black fruit, spice and vanilla
Gewürztraminer, Germany – Orange blossom, stone fruit and lychee
Grenache Rosé, Australia – Strawberry, raspberry with crisp acidity
Luna Rossa, Italy – Ripe black cherry, blackberry and plum with toasty oak
Malbec, Argentina – Blackberry, clove and smoke with bold tannins
Merlot, California – Chocolate, black cherry and vanilla spice.
Pink Pinot Grigio, Italy – Light floral and tropical fruit aromas with notes of juicy strawberry and rhubarb. Off-dry, crisp, and ready for summer sipping.
Pinot Noir, Chile – Black raspberry, red cherry and earthy nuance
Riesling, California – White peach, pineapple and mouth-watering acidity
Sauvignon Blanc, California – Gooseberry, lime and tropical fruit
Shiraz, Australia – Blackberry, sweet spice and leather




8 L | 2.11 US gal
MAKES 23 L | 6 US gal
Bottle labels sold separately


Looking for a delicious and versatile wine for any occasion? Winexpert ClassicTM is the perfect wine to have on hand for life’s big events and everyday moments. Experience the satisfaction of crafting high quality and versatile wines from the world’s best known countries – from the ripe fullness of a lively Shiraz to a crisp Italian Pinot Grigio, delicious wine is yours for the making. From this box to your bottle in just 4 weeks.

Cabernet Sauvignon, Chile – Blackcurrant, black cherry and toasty notes.
Chardonnay, California – Pineapple, mango, and vanilla.
Diablo Rojo, Chile – Black cherry, blueberry and smokey notes.
Gewürztraminer, California – Floral, peach and tropical fruit.
Grenache Shiraz Mourvèdre, Australia – Blackberry, dark chocolate and spice.
Liebfraumilch Style, California – Stone fruit and citrus.
Malbec, Chile – Blackberry, black plum and spice.
Merlot, Chile – Black cherry, fruitcake and smoke.
Moscato, California – Grape, green apple and pear.
Pinot Grigio, Italy – Green apple, lemon and lime.
Pinot Noir, California – Strawberry, cherry and earthy notes.
Riesling, Washington – Floral, green apple and lime.
Sangiovese, Italy – Plum, red cherry and fig.
Sauvignon Blanc, Chile – Herbaceous, peach and pineapple.
Shiraz, California – Blackberry, spice and black cherry.
Tempranillo, Spain – Strawberry, plum and vanilla.
Trinity Red, California – Black fruit, spice and oak.




6 L | 1.59 US gal
MAKES 23 L | 6 US gal
Bottle labels sold separately


On a quest to find a delicious, refreshing alternative to wine and coolers? You’ve arrived! Winexpert Island MistTM is a fun and fruity wine beverage with the perfect balance of fresh, crisp and distinct wines bursting with full fruit flavour.
Enjoy this unique & refreshing series of delicious blends that celebrates weekend adventures and everyday pleasures – it’s like being on vacation – anytime! With exciting flavours like citrus and berries, it’s a delectable flavour experience you’ll love to share with friends and family. From this box to your bottle in just 4 weeks.

Black Cherry – Red berry and luscious black cherries.
Black Raspberry – Fresh picked black raspberries.
Blackberry – Succulent blackberry with a slightly tart zing.
Blood Orange Sangria – Sweet and citrusy notes of juicy blood orange and ripe peach blend with crisp apple undertones.
Blueberry – Tangy and sweet blueberry featuring a cherry-spice flavour.
Grapefruit Passion Rosé – Tangy grapefruit and the sweet citrusy essence of passion fruit unleash an exotic, well-balanced rosé.
Green Apple – Crisp green apple with pleasant tartness and a delicious juicy finish.
Mango Citrus – Juicy ripe mango complemented with a bright citrus twist of grapefruit, orange, and lemon flavours.
Peach Apricot – Delicious peach and apricot make an irresistibly refreshing delight.
Peach Raspberry Lemonade – Soft, ripe peach and juicy tart raspberry with the subtle zing of lemonade. Perfectly refreshing.
Pineapple Pear – Juicy pear, and ripe pineapple. Firm acidity with juicy and refreshing finish.
Pomegranate – Intense fresh pomegranate, sweet balanced by a slight tartness.
Raspberry Dragon Fruit – Sweet dragon fruit is perfectly blended with tangy raspberry.
Raspberry Peach Sangria – Ripe red raspberry mix with juicy peach undertones. Fruity, refreshing, and easy drinking.
Strawberry – Freshly picked ripe red strawberry aromas and flavours make a delicious sensation.